Jack Terroni

Marketing Director


Jack Terroni

Jack Terroni is an award-winning composer and multi-media creator with vast trans-national experience in the music industry and various sectors of marketing.

It is Jack’s deep joy to support the dedicated team at Conscious Capital in expressing their story authentically, as they inevitably take the lead in establishing a new worldview of global prosperity for humanity through conscious investments and transformational coaching. Now that is rock ‘n roll folks!

Jack has helped to shape the cultural landscape of music in the UK in his previous capacity as CASIO Marketing Manager for their Music Division. Jack was personally responsible for the UK’s celebration of Casio Music’s 40th-anniversary campaign, celebrated via a limited edition ‘fanzine’ that told the iconic story of the much loved musical instrument brand. Jack’s innate storytelling gift enabled the campaign to receive global recognition, and licenses to multiple territories. Jack's work was honoured with incorporation into the Casio Museum in Tokyo. His extensive social initiatives to support underfunded Music Teachers with educational resources (via his creation of the Casio Piano Teacher Network) was a powerful mechanism in addressing the inequity.

Jack believes large business should be key stakeholders in helping to resolve the lack of societal cohesion in our culture today.

His musical compositions have been honoured with the Sylvia Anderson Award at the esteemed Pinewood Film Studios in London 2019 and has produced several music videos, featuring guest appearances from film actors and elite sportsmen alike.

The highlight of Jack’s musical career was the creation and staging of ‘Punchy! The Musical', which debuted in London, November 2021. The work received 4-star reviews, and national coverage on BBC Radio and London Live News Channels. Jack completed the music with triple platinum-selling record producer Steve Brown (Laura Mvula/Rumer) in the delivery of his all-original soundtrack.

Jack has also served as senior marketing consultant for several years with the distinguished author and thought-leading life coach Richard Barrett. Together they are passionate in supporting the evolution of consciousness toward greater societal well-being.

Discover Jack’s Work: shor.by/Mc2e

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