Carol-Lynne Brown

Human Capital Advisor


Carol-Lynne Brown

I’m here for a reason 

I was first introduced to Socially Responsible Investing over ten years ago when I was appointed manager of UBS Wealth Management America’s Environmental Program, responsible for supporting Financial Advisors in pursuing Socially Responsible Investing business opportunities, enhancing employee awareness, managing risks, and certifying to ISO-14001 industry standards. Working with Conscious Capital has brought me be back into a space that I love – leveraging the power of individuals and money to make the world a better place. 

My journey into power

My journey to power has been diverse. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work in Asia, Europe, the US, and Canada leading both corporate and consulting engagements. Over the years I have specialized in human capital management, program management, sales force productivity, organizational transformation, change management communications, and client relationship management. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University, and a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business. Drawing on a broad range of experiences to address business challenges keeps the work interesting and exciting. 

Aligning my being with my doing 

Conscious Capital is creating a new, human-centered investment paradigm. After more than 10 years in various Human Resources roles supporting a wide range of talent development, leadership development, succession planning, early career development, as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives, I believe that this vision can only be achieved by enabling our Whole Wealth Advisors™ to deliver excellence. We support our advisors in having a values-based mindset and skillset that help clients connect to their authentic purpose and harness wealth toward world-positive outcomes.

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