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Bob Helmuth

I’m Here For A Reason

My passion to improve the lives of individuals and their communities in order for them to connect and thrive to maximize satisfaction, has served as the centerpiece of my career.  Success in doing so over the years has been substantive and personally validating during my journey.

I’m here at Conscious Wealth to make a meaningful impact while I serve as a resource for enhancing advisor-client relationships.  This includes identifying best practices of getting to know clients and their stated objectives for financial health as well as for each client’s unique life goals.  These unique life goals are vital to them, their families, and the communities in which they live, work and identify with as “their place.”  This is the Conscious Wealth way of doing business.

The Live Whole™ strategies built into the Conscious Wealth culture differentiates us from many advisory firms within the financial services space.  This approach to serving clients makes a powerful impact on peoples’ lives and in doing so helps make the planet a better place.  This innovative focus leads to strong long-term relationships where our advisors and valued clients, whom we engage as partners, work together as a team to find ways to create and preserve wealth.

My Journey Into Power

My dual career path aligns in one very significant way:  Enable the end-user of products and services to enjoy a satisfying experience that’s meaningful to them.

I’ve served in the sustainable investing industry for 20 years, all of which in business development and marketing capacities with Pax World Funds and Impax Asset Management.  The firm is a leader in Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Investing. I was responsible for building industry and client relationships and growing the business by educating financial advisors about investing in companies and fund products that fit into targeted client portfolios—with business models leading to positive outcomes that improve diversity, corporate governance, and environmental practices. 

Prior to that, I worked in the cable television industry. The desire to ensure that recipients of multi-channel television content had enjoyable and satisfying viewing experiences was what motivated me.  It was a terrific learning experience, starting with my helping to launch ESPN, and then working in marketing management for cable operators across the U.S.  This experience enabled me to identify consumers’ desire for programing and services that ultimately led to tremendous demand and industry growth.

My personal growth over the years is deeply rooted in environmentalism, family-first and working collaboratively to achieve goals of organizations I’ve been proud to associate with at work and during volunteer initiatives.  My formal preparation, which led to a solid foundation educationally, includes earning a B.A. in Social Relations at Colgate University and a M.S. in Public Communications at Boston University. I consider friends and family the most impactful influencers on my journey—and still do!

Aligning My Being With My Doing

Conscious Wealth and who I am as a person are well-aligned.  I'm privileged to be associated with an innovative firm that’s built to serve clients with “whole life” strategies designed to customize investments from collaborative client engagements—and make available resources on other levels for positively impacting their lives.  My focus of relationship-building with intention of creating enriching experiences during all interactions is a life goal of mine which guides me on my path at Conscious Wealth.

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