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Heather Desjardins

May 7, 2020

Not just another theoretical talk about impact investing.

Empower Your Health and Wealth – Aired May 7, 2020 at 7pm EST.

 Julie Gorte, SVP for Sustainable Investing at IMPAX

We all know responsible investing offers the potential for strong risk adjusted returns. Join us this week as we welcome Impax Funds for a deep dive to understand how responsible investing nourishes your body, mind, and spirit (and your balance sheet!).  By the end of the call, you will know the answer three key questions:

  • Can I *really* make a difference in the world with my investments? (Yes!) How?
  • How can my investments keep growing, when we are doing so much damage to the earth’s resources?
  • How is ESG and SDG investing making a difference in my health and day-to-day life?

In each question, you’ll hear about specific changes that have happened (in business, banking, real estate, municipalities, and more) as the result of conscious investing. It’s not just another theoretical discussion.

Our weekly calls are hosted by CCWM's CEO Lawrence Ford, named by the Washington Post as “The Shaman of Wall Street” (LinkedIn)

  • Our special guest this week is Julie Gorte (LinkedIN), SVP for Sustainable Investing at IMPAX Asset Management LLC | PAX World Funds. Julie is widely recognized as a long-tenured and highly respected asset manager, with deep insight into the real meaning of responsible investing. IMPAX and PAX merged a few years ago to form one of the most highly respected independent ESG asset managers.
  • Our weekly market analysis comes from Doug Wilde, (LinkedIN) the founder and CEO of Wilde Capital, which is CCWM’s primary asset manager. Doug managed over $25 billion at UBS, in addition to decades of work.  He has deeply studied the impact of Fed policy like the stimulus we are facing now, and is a decades-long student of China’s economy.
  • Our weekly ESG analysis comes from Mark Sloss, (LinkedIN), the founder and CEO of Regenerative Investment Strategies. Mark and Doug Wilde are partners at Wilde Capital Management and Conscious Capital Wealth Management's primary investment managers and close partners.

This is our way of giving back during these times, so invite your friends to join -  all are welcome.