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Heather Desjardins

June 18, 2020

We find ourselves in a moment of societal and economic turmoil driven by new forces like COVID-19 and centuries-old challenges like the disenfranchisement, systemic oppression and even murder of those who do not hold the levers of power, from communities of color to the LGBTQIA+ community to indigenous peoples. For decades sustainable and responsible investing has focused on how equal access to capital can level the playing field, and consciously allocating that capital can bring about profound changes for individuals, families, companies, communities, and even nations. Progress has been made, but as we see all around us, the work is far from done.

On Thursday, June 18th, at 7pm eastern time, please join us for a call to understand how the issues of diversity and inclusion influence our investments, the positive impact these strategies have on the world around us as well as within our portfolios, and the opportunities lost and risks we face as a global society if we do not fundamentally make businesses, markets and economies more accountable, diverse and inclusive.  Specifically, we’ll talk about:

  • How do we address issues of diversity and inclusion in our portfolios?
  • How can we get these practices to be more broadly embraced?
  • Where must we dig deeper, and evolve to more fully address the necessary changes in business?  

We will be joined by John Streur and Cheryl I. Smith, both experts in their fields.

John Streur is President and Chief Executive Officer of Calvert Research and Management, an investment management firm that specializes in responsible and sustainable investing across global capital markets. Calvert serves all types of investors through its family of mutual funds and separate accounts. Mr. Streur is also President and a Trustee/Director of the Calvert Funds and a Director of Calvert Foundation and member of its Risk Oversight Committee.

Cheryl I. Smith is a Managing Partner, Economist, and Portfolio Manager of Trillium Asset Management. She leads the fixed income management process and leads the Large Cap Core and the Growth and Income strategies. Cheryl also serves as co-manager of the Green Century Balanced Fund, for which Trillium is the sub-advisor.  

This webinar is part of a broader dialog we are having within our firm, with our clients, and within our communities.  Our preview call on community investing, as well as an upcoming call on July 2nd, all address the way that deep morality and compassion inform our work as investors and financial advisors.